Harvey Gough Once Again Flipping Burgers

Some may remember the days when Harvey Gough owned Goff’s Hamburgers on Hillcrest. While Goff’s remains open, it appears Gough has returned to the grill to start serving up hamburgers once more.

Located on the southwest corner of Preston Road and LBJ, Harvey’s Charcoal Hamburgers offers a simple menu of burgers and hot dogs.

Check out the full story as told by the DMN.

Do you have any memories of Goff’s when it was under Gough’s command? Let us know!

One thought on “Harvey Gough Once Again Flipping Burgers

  • December 8, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    Harvey is RUDE AND CRUDE to ALL females who have the misfortune of walking into his establishment. The insults far outweighed the tasty burgers so I swore to NEVER cross the threshold of one of his places. He gets such joy from messing with people that he gives change with 50cent pieces and $2.00 bills just to mess with you. He treats men like they’re heroes unless he can tell that they work for a female and then he berates them too! I experienced it from Harvey and from his equally rude manager at his former Lovers Lane store. He banks at Inwood National Bank where he makes his own parking space by pulling up at the Fire Lane. The eyes roll at every teller’s station as they try to be too busy to get stuck with him. The man is insufferable. I pity anyone who has to work for him!


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