Real Beauty Lies Within, But You Can Still Wear Nice Lipstick

My mother taught me to appreciate lipstick, and I love it. She’s always said, “if you’re going to go out, at least put on your lips … (and maybe a touch of mascara).” To this day, you’ll always find me with a bag full of lip gloss, lip liner, lipstick, and mascara!

When I was a young girl, as she drove a friend and me for a fun shopping trip, she decided to put her lip liner and lipstick on in the car. When we got out, we realized, as we laughed hysterically, that she had lined her lips with blue eyeliner! We all got the biggest kick out of it. She’s such a confident woman that she just giggled right along with us.

I got permission to use this story. My sweet mom just laughed and said she’ll never forget it. It’s fun, now 30-something years later, that we still laugh about it. The lesson here is, and I have learned this from my own experiences of having mascara flakes under my eye or lipstick on my teeth, is to always double-check a mirror right before heading in some place. Even if you think everything is all right, I implore you to take a second glance.

I tell you this story because I feel it gives you a little insight into real people and real beauty — outside and inside. With this column, I will be exploring new beauty trends, as well as the latest and greatest products and services. I also want to talk to the women of our community and hear their beauty regimens; we have a lot of beautiful people here.

Beauty Tip: A lip color I’m loving right now is Primrose Hill Picnic from the Lippy Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons by Butter London. It’s a bright pop of color for fall but also ideal for spring and summer. Lately I’ve been layering it over a neutral that makes it perfect for the seasonal transition. I’m mad for it’s color, texture, and glossy finish.

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