Council for Life Celebrates Life at Luncheon

Shannon Cagnina (2015 President of Council for Life), Marissa Huckin (Co-Chair of the Celebrating Life Luncheon), Kirsten Powers (Keynote Speaker and Fox News Analyst, author of The Silencing), Carol Huckin (Co-Chair of the Celebrating Life Luncheon), Amy Simmons Crafton (Honorary Chair of the Celebrating Life Luncheon). Please credit Macatee Photography.
From left to right: Shannon Cagnina , Marissa Huckin, Kirsten Powers, Carol Huckin, and Amy Simmons Crafton. (Photo: Macatee Photography)

The Council for Life hosted its Celebrating Life Luncheon at the Hilton Anatole on Nov. 9. More than 900 people gathered in honor of the organization’s mission to protect the importance of life.

Guest speaker Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers, who has appeared on the O’Reilly Factor, Special Report with Bret Baier, shared her progressive perspective on being a pro-life liberal. Powers’ personal and professional experiences have helped shape her into the advocate for life she is today.

Since 2001, the Council for Life has raised $5.45 million, which benefits nonprofit agencies who share the mission to honor the sanctity of life. The 2015 Celebrating Life Luncheon benefited 12 different nonprofit organizations across the Dallas area.

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