Show Spotlights Art Teachers at Work

The annual Artist as Teacher/Teacher as Artist exhibit, which runs through Dec. 4 at ESD, features work from more than 50 teaching artists from 20 private schools in the Dallas area.

“We wanted to showcase educators who not only teach art, but seriously ‘create art,’” said Vikki Martin, an ESD art teacher and the event’s coordinator. “We believe that this event makes the relationship between the student and teacher even more valuable, as it shows the opportunity students have to work alongside practicing and professional artists.”

The collaborative venture encourages patrons to consider “how art relates to a school’s curriculum, how art influences culture, and how culture influences what artists create,” Martin said. It also provides an opportunity to see a variety of works from all mediums.

“This exhibition reflects our passion for the visual arts,” Martin said. “By collaborating with our peer schools and colleagues, we are not only demonstrating a wide variety of diverse styles, but we are utilizing the event as a learning tool to explore poetry, literature, history, social studies, studio art, and art history.”

— Staff report

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