Partners Card: Lights Fantastic

Lighting is changing very fast to LED. Lights Fantastic is at the forefront of all the changes. Lights Fantastic has the largest assortment of the state-of-art LED fixtures, light bulbs and lamps of anyone in the Metroplex. They have remodeled their showroom to show off these new LED products. Their sales people are trained on LED and how it can dramatically change the look, feel and performance of the lighting in your space. Lights Fantastic has top LED brands include Sonneman Design, Cree Lighting, Philips, Tech Lighting and many more. In addition to the latest in LED lighting, Lights Fantastic is doing more with Smart Home products. Lights Fantastic works closely with Philips Hue and Lutron to provide the lighting that can be controlled from your mobile devices with specially designed Apps with feature-rich programs. If you haven’t seen the changes in lighting recently, then you should visit Lights Fantastic.

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