Solis ‘Disappointed’ in New ACS Guidelines

The recommendation from the American Cancer Society on Tuesday that women should get fewer mammograms caused a stir in medical circles and among breast cancer survivors.

ACS issued new guidelines saying that women can start getting mammograms later and less frequently, at age 45 instead of 40, agruing that the risks outweigh the potential live-saving effectiveness of the preventative measure. Essentially, the group said that mammograms aren’t as effective a tool in detection as previously thought.

Addison-based Solis Mammography, which has 31 locations in four states, is among those rebuking the latest ACS findings.

“We are disappointed by [the] announcement from the American Cancer Society, and strongly believe that mammography and early detection continue to be a critical part of healthy breasts and overall wellness,” Solis vice president Connie Oliver said in a statement. “Time and again, major studies have proven that early detection reduces deaths for women ages 40 to 74. With the power of those studies behind us, Solis Mammography believes that women should be empowered with the knowledge to make the best choice for themselves — based on their unique history and the recommendations of their doctor.”

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