Zosie the Zebra Makes Her Debut


“Zosie The Zebra” is a new children’s book benefitting the Highland Park Presbyterian Church’s mission in Njuthine, Kenya. The book is the first in a possible series of upcoming children’s books that will also benefit the mission.

“We are pretty excited about our new missional endeavors,” said Elaine Curtis, the book’s publisher, “and hopeful it raises funds as well as awareness to missions globally.”

The title character, Zosie, was inspired from a set of handmade toy animals with wheels sold by the Mission Market. This annual sale features locally made crafts directly from the village, with funds going back to the HPPC mission.

HPPC’s mission commenced in 2007, and since then the program has brought housing, irrigation, medical care, and education to the village of Njuthine.

The book will be available for purchase at HPPC on Oct. 18. Books are $25 and 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to support the community of Njuthine, Kenya.

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