Cattle Baron’s Ball Hits Home For 2015 Chairs

The annual Cattle Baron’s Ball is known among Dallasites as a boot-scootin’ good time. But for this year’s chairs, the cause behind the party — fundraising for the American Cancer Society — means so much more than an excuse to polish their boots.

Co-chair Tia Wynne’s cousin, Jacque Wynne, founded the Dallas ball in 1974, and then another cousin, Catherine Wynne, chaired the 2009 ball.

“It’s kind of a family thing to be involved in,” she said.

But her reasons go beyond just the ball.


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TIM MCGRAW will perform on the Andrews Distributing Main Stage at 10:10 p.m.

AARON EINHOUSE will perform at the Group 1200 Media VIP Baron Party at 6 p.m.

THE RAY JOHNSTON BAND will perform on the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch/U.S. Trust Live Auction Stage at 7:15 p.m.

STUDIO 54 Band will perform at the After Party at midnight.

“Personally, my husband lost his first cousin to colon cancer within the last year,” she added. “That makes the cause even closer to home. My life has been touched by it a lot closer.”

Her co-chair is someone who also takes the cause to heart. Wynne and Mary Martha Pickens both joined the Cattle Baron’s Ball committee in 2007, making this their ninth year to work on the event together.

Pickens was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer at 12 years old.

“There was an only 18 percent survival rate at that time,” she said.

Pickens endured a leg amputation and multiple years of strong chemotherapy in order to achieve a full recovery. But facing that trial so early in life motivated her to work toward a better future for all cancer patients.

“That needle has moved from 18 percent to maybe 27 or 30 percent,” she said. “It hasn’t gone nearly as far as we need it to go, along with many other types of cancer like pancreatic, stomach, and ovarian. We’ve moved the needle, but not nearly enough on cancer research.”

Armed with their personal stories and experiences, Wynne and Pickens work on a committee of 100 women to help give back through Cattle Baron’s. Underwriting funds from the event go toward cancer research within the North Texas region.

“It’s in hopes that someone else does not have to suffer with a loved one who is lost or has to go through this ordeal,” Pickens said.

SAVE THE DATE: The Cattle Baron’s Ball is on Oct. 3 at Gilley’s. (Courtesy Photo)
SAVE THE DATE: The Cattle Baron’s Ball is on Oct. 3 at Gilley’s. (Courtesy Photo)

2015 Ball Committee

Abby Gregory
Adriane Crosland
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Shufeldt
Amy Camp
Amy Green
Andrea Nayfa
Andrea Weber
Anne McPherson
Anne Stodghill
Annika Cail
Ashley Allen
Ashley Lyon
Becky Palm
Bina Palnitkar Patel
Brynn Bagot Allday
Callan Harrison
Cammie Heflin
Cara French
Carol Holmes
Carolyn Goelzer
Chazz Fritz
Christi Houser
Christina White
Christine Danuser
Claire Kinzy
D’Andra Simmons-Lock
Danielle Sealy
Dawn Greiner
Dawn Spalding
Deidre Bacala
Destin Shore
Diana Hamilton
Dolores Volkman
Elizabeth Fischer
Elizabeth Gambrell
Elizabeth Tripplehorn- Laurenzi
Gini Florer
Hillary Gilbert
Holly Hutchinson
Isabell Novakov
Jamie Jo Hayes
Jamie Singer
Janet Fresquez
JB Hayes
Jean Liu Hansen
Jennifer LeLash
Jennifer Walters
Joanna Clarke
Jonika Nix
Juliana LeBlanc
Julie Clancy
Kameron Westcott
Karen James
Kathryn Henry
Katie Layton
Katy Bock
Kim Quinn
Kris Johnson
Kristi Bare
Laura Jorgeson
Laura Reeder
Lauren Chapman
Lauren Snyder
Leigh Friend
Lisa Bhattacharya
Lisa Haddow Shirley
Lisa Ogle
Lora Farris
Marjon Henderson
Mary C. Corrigan
Mary Martha Pickens
Marybeth Conlon
Meg Florence
Megan Filgo
Megan Flanagan
Meghann O’Leary
Melissa Sherrill Martin
Meredith Ferrell
Merrick Huckin
Michelle Meadows
Missy Wyszynski
Monti Konen
Nancy Gopez
Natalie Fogiel Moon
Natalie Siegel
Nikki Hunt
Nikki Webb
Nina Sachse
Paige Westhoff
Randi McParlin
Robin McMonigle
Samantha Wortley
Shelby Goff
Stacey Relton
Sunie Solomon
Teffy Jacobs
Terra Najork
Tia Wynne
Wendy Messmann

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