Special Birthday Wishes at Snider Plaza Shop

Daniel and Max Fuqua enjoy some frozen yogurt outside their Snider Plaza store.
Daniel and Max Fuqua enjoy some frozen yogurt outside their Snider Plaza store.

We could try to re-write this, but we’ll just let Max Fuqua, the owner of Plaza Health Foods in Snider Plaza, tell this story. Thanks to him for sharing:

Daniel Marcellus Fuqua, born Sept. 2, 2014, will celebrate his first birthday after his shift at Plaza Health Foods ends on Wednesday. Festivities will include racing tricycles down the isles of the shop, vitamin jar tossing, hide the telephone, and much more, plus all the organic apple sauce you can eat!

His father, Max Fuqua, built Daniel a nursery at the shop so he could spend the whole day with his son. Miss Lumi the Nanny meets them there everyday to help out when Papa is busy with customers. Daniel’s mother, Alessandra, works as a CPA and comes to the shop every day for a lunch visit.

In between his duties of rearranging the products on the shelves, handing customers their receipts, and supervising the two bears out front, Daniel loves to meet and “talk” to the customers. He’s already made a lot of friends and many clients stop by just say hello to Daniel, even if they don’t need anything else. He is always happy to smile and show off his latest skill, such as pushing a chair from one end of the shop to the other.

It must give a lot of pride to his great-grandmother Ester to see a young member of the family taking interest and enjoying the family business that she started in Snider Plaza back in 1949. Not many businesses have four generations working in them, and not many fathers get to spend the whole day with their young children, for which Max is very grateful.

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