Eatery is a Thai Game

Preston Forest may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of Thai food. But one restaurateur wants to change that. Enter chef Eddy Thretipthuangsin, known as “Chef Eddy.”

He founded Kin Kin Urban Thai in Fort Worth and Oak Lawn. This summer, he’ll open a third location in Preston Forest.

“We want to be the neighborhood Thai restaurant,” he said. “You can come in and grab a quick bite or have a date night. We have something for everyone.”

In order to become the “neighborhood Thai restaurant,” Thretipthuangsin knows he has to offer variety in his menu. Items such as a Thai Scottish Egg and a Thai-inspired burger can be found, in addition to classics such as dumplings, curries, and pad Thai.

But that range of variety doesn’t mean his menu items don’t all come down to the same essence — or rather, inspiration.

“The foundation of the menu is the same across the board,” he said. “The flavor profile is more like … street food that everybody knows if you grew up in Thailand. I love the flavor profile, and I love the combination of the grill, marinated pork, and sticky rice. There’s a creative way to replicate the flavor in a different form.”

He’s inspired by his mother, who had the opportunity to cook for the Thai royal family.

“Obviously for every chef, if you asked them how they start their careers, we all start from Mom’s kitchen,” he said. “Everybody has their own childhood favorites that Mom made. My passion comes from learning from my mom and growing up with her in the restaurant business.”

That sense of family continues today — Thretipthuangsin’s brother, Chris, also works in the restaurants.

“My goal is short: we’re trying to be on your speed dial by the third visit,” he said. “Many people may think Thai is niche, but in my opinion … we’re a melting pot.”

The Fort Worth location opened in February, while the Oak Lawn location opened in July. Thretipthuangsin’s approach to Thai food will find its Preston Forest home in the southwest quadrant near Mi Cocina.

“The theory behind it is how can I bring in a cuisine that is flavorful but make it fit the western consumer here?” Thretipthuangsin said. “And it’s not that we twist it from its originality — the method and flavor are the same.”

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