PH Gala to Raise Funds in Range’s Memory

Ashleigh Range
Ashleigh Range

After she was diagnosed with terminal Stage 4 triple-negative inflammatory breast cancer last summer, Ashleigh Range wanted to do everything she could to raise money for awareness and medical research.

Although Range, a 30-year-old Allen resident, died last month, her wishes live on through a network of friends including Preston Hollow resident Tricia Sims, who will host a gala fundraiser in Range’s memory on Thursday.

Range and her husband, who have two young sons — one of which was born after her diagnosis — inspired others during her battle with a blog (that has more than a million page views) and an effort to bring attention to the IBC Network Foundation, which focuses on the rare form of the disease.

The gala begins at 7 p.m. at 5842 Falls Road. Tickets are $100, with guests asked to dress in shades of turquoise. You can register online here.

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