Trigg Officially Named Superintendent

Tom Trigg has officially been named the new superintendent of HPISD. Trigg was named the “lone finalist” on June 1, and the district followed the state-required, 21-day waiting period before naming him superintendent.

Trigg will lead the Superintendent’s Convocation for faculty and staff on Aug. 17.

UPDATE (2:45 P.M.):

According to his contract, which HPISD has posted online, Trigg will receive a $320,000 salary plus a $5,000 doctoral stipend. Trigg is also granted a car allowance of $1,000 per month and a technology allowance of $150 per month. In addition, he’ll receive $20,000 for relocation expenses and a $1.2 million interest-free loan for a home, which must be in the district. Trigg will have to pay back the loan within four months of his contract expiring.

The contract is effective as of today’s date, though Trigg’s term of employment technically begins July 27 and ends June 30, 2019. The district may extend the term by action of the board and approval of the superintendent.

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