‘Bachelor’ Host Returns Home to Sign Books

Jacie Scott isn't afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions — and get an autograph or two. (Staff photo: Sarah Bennett)
Jacie Scott isn’t afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions — and get an autograph or two. (Staff photo: Sarah Bennett)

Chris Harrison has been asked to be the coveted “Bachelor,” oh, about a million times now. After hosting 19 seasons of The Bachelor and 11 seasons of The Bachelorette, the Dallas native doesn’t think he has it in him.

But, in a dramatic turn of events, Harrison found himself in a rather peculiar situation last night. There he stood on the staircase in the beautiful home of longtime friend Charlotte Jones Anderson as she introduced him to a sea of beaming women (and a few men). The champagne was flowing, the roses were fresh, and Harrison was the man of the hour.

“This must be what it feels like!” he said jokingly to the spirited crowd. And in even more of a plot twist, no one was eliminated, but everyone was sent home at the end of the night. The drama.

Jokes aside, last night wasn’t about either of the popular dating shows. Harrison returned home for a private book signing of his fictional romance novel, The Perfect Letter. The event was a small gathering of friends and family, including Harrison’s mother whom he thanked for her endless love and support. Anderson, Cowboys executive vice president, chief brand officer and Park Cities resident, hosted the event with all proceeds from the books benefiting The Salvation Army Echelon.

A book for Harrison has been about nine years in the making. He had been presented with several book deals for tell-alls or dating guides, but he wanted something more.

“I have so little time in my life, and if I’m going to do a project I need to really feel passionate about it,” Harrison said. “When the idea for a romance novel came in, I thought: This is it. As soon as I get passionate about something and have that ‘aha’ moment, I’m in.”

That was about three years ago. Now, he’s enjoying the vulnerability of pursuing something new professionally. The book is set in Texas and draws on the insight and lessons he’s learned over the years. As for character ties to real people/celebrities, there are none. Seriously. Totally fictional.

Would Harrison ever do a Bachelor/Bachelorette tell-all book? He says it’s not his thing, but it’s not completely out of the cards.

“Maybe I will someday, if it makes sense,” Harrison said. “The thought of profiting off bearing everybody, it seems so hypocritical. Everything I do, I have to feel good about, and money has never been that important.”

Pick up Harrison’s first novel, The Perfect Letter, in stores now. It may steal you away for a sec.

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