Camp Gives Girls Something to Cheer About

What does DCC mean to you? It could be your initials. It could mean Dallas Country Club. It could mean Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. But if you ask a young camper on day three of summer camp with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, she will say that it means dedication, commitment, and confidence. That’s definitely something to cheer for!

I’ve had the honor of being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader for the last three years, and some of my fondest (and sometimes most hilarious) memories come from working with our youth. During the summer months, we host youth camps for participants aged 6-16 via our DCC Academy program. These three-day camps give us a chance to share our passion for dance and our team with campers by mixing dance and pom technique with fun, team-building activities.

There are no prerequisites. You don’t have to be a dance protégé or the next cheer celeb, and that’s one of the things that I love about these camps. You see girls from varying backgrounds come together to learn, have fun, and grow as individuals.

On day one, we introduce dedication. To be specific, dedication to your craft, whatever that may be. Campers are learning fun, energetic pom and jazz routines, as well as tips for technique. The goal isn’t to master it in day one, but to simply focus on improving.

The next day is commitment. Yes, that’s very similar to dedication, but our focus is commitment to your community and those around you. We incorporate team-building games and activities to instill these values.

What have you done to help your campmate today? How can you make Susie smile today? Seeing what they come up with takes the cake. (This has definitely taught me that kids say and do the darndest things.)

Lastly, confidence. Day three is their time to shine. We hold a showoff for parents to see what the campers have learned over the course of camp. You’d be surprised what three days can do. The shyest one has completely shed her shell or the one with minimal technique has mastered her high kick.

Each camper will receive a certificate at the end of the performance and, of course, that’s where all the pictures are taken!
The experience is just as special for us as it is for them. We have the chance to watch them grow in camp, whether it’s in dance technique or in confidence, then they have the chance to showcase it on a grander stage: a preseason football game at AT&T Stadium!

Space is limited, so I recommend signing up today! There are five camps between the months of June and July. Visit for full details and pricing.

Jacie Scott is a People Newspapers contributor and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

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