Day Camps Offer Several Alternatives

Cooper campers have fun. (Courtesy Photo)
Cooper campers have fun. (Courtesy Photo)

Some campers just aren’t ready for weeks away from home.

In that instance, three different types of day camps can keep kids busy and make sure they’re having fun:

Sports Camps

Many clubs and fitness centers offer camp sessions all throughout summer for a variety of activities and age groups. The Cooper Fitness Center, for example, holds a number of camps each year that focus on activities such as soccer, volleyball, tennis, and swimming.

“With many sleep-away camps, the counselor team is hired based on their skills with children but not necessarily based on having a skill in coaching,” youth programs director Meredith Rosson said. “With a sport-specific camp … children will be taught a sport with proper form and technique to truly help them advance in the sport of their choice.”

Academic Camps 

Almost every academic institution has started summer camps that help kids hone skills and pursue passions even while class is not in session.

They can help students explore interests such as creative writing, foreign languages, theater, music, painting, and even origami or pottery.

Faith-based Camps

Vacation Bible School is a fond memory for many parents, so why not pass on that tradition? Many Bible-study camps develop their own theme each year. Park Cities Presbyterian Church, for example, has a “Wild Kingdom” theme this year, while Highland Park United Methodist Church is going with an “Everest” theme.

“PCPC’s Vacation Bible School uses the opportunity to establish a firm spiritual foundation for children who are not yet old enough to attend most sleep-away camps,” coordinator Barrett Ball said. “Kids love the nurturing and familiar church environment and the purposeful skits and games.”

Because day camps are usually shorter sessions and in-town, prices are typically cheaper, but can still run the full gamut. Day camps usually have multiple sessions spaced out over the summer, so check to see what weeks fit your family’s schedule best.

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