Pickens, Park Cities Quail Honor Armstrong

Katharine Armstrong received her award from namesake T. Boone Pickens.
Katharine Armstrong received her award from T. Boone Pickens.

Longtime outdoors enthusiast and conservationist Katharine Armstrong was honored by Park Cities Quail with the T. Boone Pickens Lifetime Sportsman Award during the nonprofit group’s recent awards dinner.

Pickens presented the honor to Armstrong, who was the first female chairman of Texas Parks and Wildlife as well as the first president of the nonprofit Taking Care of Texas. She also is a longtime friend of former president George W. Bush and his wife, Laura.

The award is a customized sculpture of three flushing bobwhite quail created by Walter Matia. Previous winners of the award include Walter Kellogg, Ray Sasser, Bob Carter, Ray Murski, Ted Turner, George Strait, and A.V. Jones Jr.

“You are doing your part to ensure that there are Texans down the road who honor the role that hunters and sportsmen have played as the original and enduring conservationists of our great country,” Armstrong told the PCQ crowd at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. “That was, our great-grandchildren will be able to enjoy that amazing experience of walking across a field early in the morning, the dew soaking their boots and the call of bobwhite in the distance, the feel of a familiar shotgun in their hands, and that incredible moment of anticipation when their dog freezes … and the covey explodes.”

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