HPISD Educators Recognized for Excellence

Congratulations to the two HPISD staff members recognized by the Delta Kappa Gamma Society for their achievements in education. Delta Kappa Gamma Society is a professional society for female educators.

Katrina Tilley, an educator for the past 15 years, received a $1,000 scholarship for her educational leadership in March. She serves as the ADA/504 Coordinator, Talented and Gifted Coordinator, and Intervention Specialist at McCulloch Intermediate School and Highland Park Middle School.

Ashraf Mobh, a 14-year educator, will receive a Member in Print Award in June at the DKG Convention. Mobh authored the article “A Summer Adventure” that was published in the December 2014 issue of The Ismaili USA magazine. The article summarizes the creation and implementation of her program My Summer Adventure. The program aims to prevent educational backslide during summer break for grades 1-5. Mobh is the team leader for the fourth grade at Armstrong Elementary.

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