Ursuline Junior Takes Bard to Big Apple

By Kelly Morris / Special Contributor

Ursuline junior Eliza Palter didn’t always like classical theater. She does now.

Palter advanced to the English-Speaking Unions National Shakespeare Competition, an elite event on April 25-28 at New York City’s Lincoln Center. Palter won the regional round in February, and is one of 56 students competing in New York.

“I haven’t done a lot of competitive theater work before this,” said Palter, whose previous best finish was in the competition’s regional round last year. “I didn’t realize until I won how awesome this opportunity is.”

Palter, who participated in Shakespeare Dallas’ “Comedy of Errors” in the summer, performed a memorized monologue from Shakespeare’s play “Cymbeline” in the first two rounds and recited “Sonnet 89” in the second round.

The national competition includes two more rounds, and the final round requires a performance of unseen material.

“In the past year, I’ve realized I really enjoy classical theater,” Palter said. “Before my focus was musical and contemporary theater.”

She played Hope Harcourt in Ursuline’s spring musical, “Anything Goes.”

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