Hillcrest Construction Starts Next Week

Here's an idea of what the lane-closure situation will look like during construction. (Courtesy City of University Park)
Here’s an idea of what the lane-closure situation will look like during construction. (Courtesy city of University Park)

UPDATE: The project will now begin on March 8. Read the details below.

If you live or work along Hillcrest Avenue through University Park, you might want to have some alternate routes in mind this spring.

Beginning next week, the city will begin a six-month construction project to install new water lines and repair pavement along Hillcrest between Daniel Avenue and Potomac Avenue, adjacent to the SMU campus.

The work will start on March 1 and likely run through August, and the two southbound lanes of Hillcrest will be closed along that stretch for the whole time. Southbound traffic will be re-routed to the continuous turn lane, while the two northbound lanes will stay open, except during certain nights, when Hillcrest will be closed and traffic will be detoured to Dickens Avenue.

Curbside parking also will be impacted, of course, as will — to a lesser degree — access to cross streets and driveways on the west side of Hillcrest. City officials said the project shouldn’t affect water service.

“It’s not very complicated, but it will be inconvenient,” said Bud Smallwood, UP director of public works.

Workers will start at the Daniel intersection and work their way south. Most of the work from Daniel to McFarlin Boulevard will be done at night, between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. (except weekends), in order to minimize the inconvenience for businesses in the construction zone. Construction from McFarlin to Potomac will take place during daytime hours.

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