Longtime Organizers Bring Uniformity to Charity

Philip Wier and Carmaleta Whiteley will publish programs. (Photo: Dana Driensky)
Philip Wier and Carmaleta Whiteley will publish programs. (Photo: Dana Driensky)
One question kept popping up in Philip Wier and Carmaleta Whiteley’s minds: why isn’t there a uniform program for all of Dallas’ charitable functions?

And just like that, the idea for Charity Dallas was born.

“You go to the theater or symphony, and you’re going to see a standard program each time,” Wier said. “There isn’t anything like that for the charity world.”

They plan to launch the first issue of their uniform program next month. But the publication is published on an event-by-event basis.

“When you work on magazines, it is issue-related,” Wier said. “We’re not going to publish every month. It may be three times in one month and none the next.”

Compared to the standard 1-2 page program, Charity Dallas gives nonprofits up to 12 pages (with flexibility) to go into further detail about their organization, including a cover story.

“Now, they can go in-depth about their mission and accomplishments,” Whiteley said.

Another pro for nonprofits: Wier and Whiteley will publish the program at no cost to the organizers.

“They’re getting a very, very high-quality program with beautiful paper and at no cost to them,” Whiteley said.

In order to do this, Wier and Whiteley are busy securing key advertisers prior to the publication’s launch in January.

“We’re working on what we call our ‘anchor advertisers,’ who we hope will be long-term partners and understand the idea of this publication,” Wier said.

Right now, Wier and Whiteley say Charity Dallas’ presence will continue to be “virtual,” but they anticipate those needs will change as the project develops.

Wier said: “Every time we mention it to someone, they say, ‘nobody’s doing this already? Then why not?’”

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