Pilates Barre Moves Into Dallas Met Ballet Digs

(Staff photo: Sarah Bennett)
(Staff photo: Sarah Bennett)

Not long ago, we said goodbye to longtime institution Dallas Metropolitan Ballet and pondered what new tenant could possibly take its place — at least in the physical sense. Well, The Pilates Barre, a three-year-old fitness boutique, will open its second Hillcrest Avenue location in that very spot. The new branch is scheduled to open next month. So trade your ballet slippers for some Pilates socks and get ready.

UPDATE (11/13):

A statement from the company says this location will open in December. The first studio, merely blocks down, will be used for specialized classes and events.

“Being mindful of the communities’ history, The Pilates Barre will uphold the original usage of the space: an old, ballet studio,” the statement said.

The new location will host regular classes and have more space for showers and lockers.

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