Ursuline Students Take Lessons Around the World

Ursuline students traveled this summer to Belize, Spain, England, Brazil, Peru, and Great Falls, Mont. (Courtesy photos)
Ursuline students traveled this summer to Belize, Spain, England, Brazil, Peru, and Great Falls, Mont.

Before returning to class in August, Ursuline students continued their education far from the classroom this summer.

The adventures included a mission trip to Belize, a voyage to the Ursuline Centre in Great Falls, Mont., and a visit to Salamanca, Spain.

During the 10-day mission trip to Belize, students and staff members performed service projects, taught religious education lessons to primary school students, and explored the country.

The group from Ursuline partnered with the primary school in Bullet Tree Falls Village to complete a variety of work projects. In advance of the trip, the Ursuline students developed lessons for the primary school students, and after spending their days at the school, they partnered with the local Catholic high school to interact with girls their own age throughout the week.

Also this summer, a group of students visited Salamanca with world language faculty members Maluza Escamilla and Roxana Casco. While there, they earned college credit at the University of Salamanca, stayed with host families, and experienced Spanish culture.

Later, a group of Ursuline students, staff members, and parents traveled to the Ursuline Centre in Great Falls, Mont., to participate in the annual North American Ursuline Experience.

During the weeklong visit, the group attended educational sessions about the various missions and their histories, then visited the missions and other sites in the area.

During a visit to St. Paul’s Mission Church in Hays, Mont., they attended a Mass with Native Americans. Later they were introduced to the religious customs, traditions, and dance of the Plains Indians, presented by a member of the Blackfeet tribe, and attended a powwow at Fort Belknap.

Students on the trip included Meridith Peel, Ceci Weigman, Cindy Arrambide, Jackie Peel, and Liz Arrambide. They visited northwest Montana to learn about the lives of the sisters who moved there in the 1800s to establish learning communities in Native American outposts.

“Coming into the Montana experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect, yet what I received was a life-changing experience,” Weigman said. “This opportunity has opened my mind to the very diverse Native American cultures and spirituality, which has changed my perspective about humanity and religion. Also, I developed a lasting community bond with Ursulines all over the country, and developed a greater appreciation for the Ursuline fellowship and impact all over the world.”

Three more Ursuline groups traveled this summer to visit sister schools in England, Peru, and Brazil.

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