Partners Card Program is Local Tradition

2014 Partners Card co-chairs Andrea Cheek, Diana Hamilton, and Lisa Bhattacharya. (Photo: George Fiala)
2014 Partners Card co-chairs Andrea Cheek, Diana Hamilton, and Lisa Bhattacharya. (Photo: George Fiala)

In Dallas, the rush of swiping a Partners Card is just as much a symbol of fall as football and cooler weather.

“Usually the weather’s beautiful, and it’s fun to walk around the stores and see the red and purple balloons,” co-chair Lisa Bhattacharya said.

That’s because the fundraiser, which runs Oct. 24 to Nov. 2, has been benefiting the anti-domestic violence nonprofit The Family Place for 22 years. One thing that makes the feel-good shopping experience unique is that it focuses on area shops and vendors.

“The Family Place is very right in that they did it in a grassroots kind of way,” Bhattacharya said. “We have kept true to our belief that this is about local retailers.”

With more than 750 retailers in participation this year, the team of hard-working volunteers is ready to celebrate with a shopping spree and some retail therapy. And they know many others around town are, too.

“We do all our shopping the week of Partners Card,” co-chair Diana Hamilton said of her own family’s involvement.

In fact, acting as a participating shopper is how co-chair Andrea Cheek first got involved.

“Being only 70 dollars, it’s a win-win-win across the board,” Cheek said. “For people that don’t often give to philanthropies or go to events, they feel like they can participate, too. Some people buy it because it goes to Family Place, and some buy it just for the discount.”

For those that focus on the giving aspect, The Family Place’s purpose of making a difference is all the inspiration needed. After all, 100 percent of funds from the card sales goes right back to the cause.

“Dallas is just extremely philanthropic and extremely open,” Hamilton said. “If all of us had deep pocketbooks, we would all be making an even bigger difference, but we have so many people in this community that want to help.”

But then again, the rush of shopping doesn’t hurt, either.

“I’ve even talked to people that make it their family tradition each year,” Cheek said. “They go shopping with their mom for Partners Card, and they get all their Christmas shopping done, which I think is kind of special.”

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