National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists

Congratulations to the semifinalists of the National Merit Scholarship Program. The list of semifinalists was released on Wednesday and represents less than the top 1 percent of high school seniors. They were selected from their PSAT scores, and their SAT scores combined with an application will determine the finalists.

There are 16,000 semifinalists nationwide competing for 7,600 National Merit Scholarships.

2015 National Merit Scholarship Program: Semifinalists

Crofford, Claire F.
Helfer, Cassandra R.
Horn, Courtney A.
Jones, Isabella
Klimko, Benjamin H.
Liu, Vania
Neely, Katherine P.
Nowlin, Caroline E.
Ramjee, Christine A.
Sundaresan, Vinaik M.
Wheeler, Jordan A.
Wiegn, David T.
Wyde, Reid
Zhou, Jiamin

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