Greenhill Dedicates New Field For Alumna

Greenhill dedicated Jennifer Goodnight Maalouf Field on Tuesday.
Greenhill School dedicated Jennifer Goodnight Maalouf Field on Tuesday.

Greenhill students and staff members celebrated the first day of school on Tuesday by dedicating the new Jennifer Goodnight Maalouf Field.

It was installed during the summer at the corner of Midway and Spring Valley roads, and will house Greenhill’s field hockey, soccer, and lacrosse teams, in addition to middle school baseball and softball.

Maalouf graduated from Greenhill in 1986. She attended the school for 12 years and was active in many sports and extracurricular activities. Maalouf died in a car accident along with her husband, Nagy, in 1998. She was pregnant at the time.

To honor Maalouf, many of her classmates donated a leadership gift to the school’s Building Committee Campaign to secure naming rights to the field. Many of her friends and family members attended Tuesday’s dedication.

At the end of the ceremony, Greenhill’s field hockey team played its first match of the season against Fort Worth Trinity Valley on the newly christened turf.

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