HPHS Grad Fundraises for Young Peruvians

One year ago today, we told you about Brandon Heiber, an HPHS graduate who, through GlobalGiving.org, started a grassroots fundraising campaign to benefit the poor women and children of Lima, Peru. The campaign, called Human After All, is a smaller branch of the organization La Casa Panchita, which serves as a safe haven for Peruvians. There they can get clean water, learn English, and learn about their rights as domestic workers.

Heiber formed Human After All when he noticed that one of La Casa Panchita’s buildings, La Ludoteca, wasn’t being used at its full potential. He then set a goal to raise $22,000 in order to extend the building’s hours, providing children with clean running water, sanitation, a daily snack, a psychologist, and educational toys.

In October, the funds raised for these children will run out.

“Together, we can keep the center operational for these girls,” writes Heiber. “They have come to depend on it. Don’t shrink from this cause… Please give.”

Visit the Human After All website for more information and to donate.

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