Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

NOM. (Staff photo: Sarah Bennett)
NOM. (Staff photo: Sarah Bennett)

Our editorial intern, Claire, and I are chomping down on some sweet, sweet memories today thanks to Pokey O’s. Apparently, tomorrow is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. Didn’t know that day existed? Neither did we. But Pokey O’s is helping us celebrate the right way.

Like the good Mustangs we are, Claire and I both have “early” memories (from a couple of years ago) of eating Pokey O’s at AARO, SMU’s summer event for incoming freshmen — pardon me, first years.

Mustang or not, you can celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, too. Stop by the store tomorrow from 4 -7 p.m. and get $1 off your ice cream sandwich — but only if you pick a cookie other that semi-sweet chocolate chip. Come on, people. Get creative, here.

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