Dolfins Put on a Show at Divisional Meet

Head coach Pia Lara, left, led the Dolfins to the DASA divisional title.
Head coach Pia Lara, left, led the Dallas Dolfins to a DASA divisional title.

The Dallas Dolfins have made quite a splash this summer. The youth swim team, which trains at Holmes Aquatic Center in University Park and features several competitors from the Park Cities, won the team title last week at the Dallas Amateur Swim Association Division D meet at Loos Natatorium in Dallas.

The victory means that 36 of the 44 swimmers who competed at the divisional meet for the Dolfins advanced to a season-ending all-star competition on Monday night at Loos.

The all-stars include Gabriella Bily, Scarlett Calvert, Nola Carroll, Olivia Carroll, Emily Cockrell, Mac Conine, Gray Damonte, Riley Damonte, Drew Durgin, Abigael Duy, Ashlyn Duy, Buck Elliott, Drake Elliott, Callan Fox, Evie Fox, Chloe Haag, Lindsey Haag, Spencer Haag, Jacob Herzog, Grace Knudson, Elliot Lovitt, Jack Lovitt, Miya Malouf, Arianna Maurici, Pasquale Maurici, Phoebe Nguyen, Andrew Nuth, Ella Patterson, Jacqueline Schnieders, Abby Stacy, Audrey Stuckert, Alexis Stus, Jonah Stus, Max Van Cauwelaert, Jake Whitehurst, and Harold Wright.

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