Siblings Stop After Hammer Time

Sedrick Mays
Sedrick Mays

While compiling our free weekly police report for this week, I was reminded of an item from last week that deserved some extra attention.

It doesn’t involve any Park Cities residents, but caused a potentially dangerous situation along a crowded stretch of Lovers Lane just before lunchtime on May 16.

That’s when Terrell resident Sedrick Eugene Mays, 48, was riding in the back seat of a pickup truck being driven by his brother. Someone else was in the passenger seat.

It’s unclear what brought them to University Park that day, but the brothers — who are involved in a landscaping business together — started arguing about work performance, according to a UP police report. The incident escalated to the point where Mays allegedly struck his brother with a hammer while he was driving.

The brother managed to pull the pickup to the side of the street without causing an accident. An alert resident called 911 after seeing the commotion.

Mays was arrested on an aggravated assault charge, while his brother was taken to a hospital, where he underwent surgery and has since gone home, according to police. Mays also was arrested on May 9 in Kaufman County for an unrelated incident.

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