Tracking the Costs of Germany Park’s Upkeep

The track at Germany Park is a University Park facility, but given its location — six blocks north of the Highland Park town limits and just across the Tollway from Dallas’ city limits — it’s undoubtedly used by people who aren’t University Park residents. That’s why the city routinely asks other municipalities to share in the maintenance costs.

For example, Highland Park paid 25 percent of the $311,000 bill for resurfacing the track in 2007. When more repairs were needed less than years later, at a cost of $55,919.04, Highland Park again paid 25 percent of the tab.

That’s why town staffers were confused in January, when they received an invoice from University Park for $2,000, which represents 27.4 percent of the $7,300 fee for restriping the lanes at Germany Park. According to this document, the two Park Cities’ employees couldn’t get on the same page:

In conversations with University Park staff, the Town’s staff has been unable to obtain a reason for the increased percentage request for the current maintenance work. In the alternative, Town staff suggested that University Park amend its written request to the historical 25% participation level. University Park staff indicated that it was staying with the 27% request.

Nonetheless, the Highland Park Town Council today will consider a resolution approving a contribution of exactly $1,825, which is 25 percent of $7,300.

I emailed the ever-helpful Steve Mace, spokesman for University Park, to ask why the percentage was increased. His response:

The Parks Department was working with round numbers. If the Town objects to the split, UP will cover the $175.

Good enough for me. Now, everybody take a lap.

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