Behold the Highland Park Tote

Highland Park Tote? Totes!
Highland Park Tote? Totes!
Jon Hart Design, a company that was once based in Dallas but is now headquartered in San Antonio, is getting back in touch with its roots by dubbing its latest creation the Highland Park Tote. The first color-blocked product in the company’s history is available in any combination of 14 primary hues and 13 side colors.

So, why the name? For that, we turn to University Park resident Jay Finegold, owner of Kid Biz and The Biz in The Plaza at Preston Center:

“Jon Hart Design president Rex Walker visited the store last year, carrying a prototype of the newest Jon Hart Design piece, when a local Highland Park mom insisted on purchasing THAT bag,” Finegold said in a press release. “The bag has officially rolled out to stores, and we are excited to be a part of the great story.”

Some people would say it’s entirely appropriate that the Highland Park Tote’s name was inspired by an impatient shopper’s sense of entitlement. Not me of course, but some people, so I figured I’d beat them to the punch before they could display their wit in the comments.

Coincidentally, that same press release said Finegold’s stores will host a “Graduation Trunk Show” next week spotlighting Jon Hart Design products. It’s scheduled for March 26-29.

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One thought on “Behold the Highland Park Tote

  • March 17, 2014 at 9:13 am

    I know we Parkies like to believe our own “specialness” hype, but there’s also an Alamo Heights bag and an Austin tote.


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