Alley Puts a Classy Bow on His Campaign

Court, Mary Clare, and Ford Alley (Photo: Thisbe Grace)
Court, Mary Clare, and Ford Alley (Photo: Thisbe Grace)

If you liked Leigh Bailey’s brief statement issued via Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday night, then you’ll love this slightly longer missive that Court Alley distributed to supporters yesterday. Take note of the paragraph in which he mentions Morgan Meyer and Chart Westcott:


I want to thank you for your support, prayers, and kindness during these past 8 months. While last night’s election did not yield the results we hoped for, this experience has been tremendous. It has been a privilege to get to know the members of this community better, and I value every conversation and correspondence I have had during this campaign. I have never been more proud to call this community my “home.”

To our supporters, who hosted meet-n-greets, put up yard signs, worked until all hours of the night, knocked on doors, supported financially, and most importantly prayed, please know my family and I are eternally grateful to you all.

While my name may have appeared on the ballot, this campaign was a team effort. To my core team, I am humbled by all you have done for me. Without each of you, there wouldn’t have been a campaign to speak of. To the most encouraging, loving, hardest-working and incredible wife in the world, Mary Clare, I am so blessed by you every day and love you infinitely.

To Morgan Meyer and Chart Westcott, thank you both for your friendship and respect during this campaign. From our long hours together during early voting, to getting to know your wonderful families, Mary Clare and I are better people because of your presence in our lives. I have enjoyed our time together during this campaign and see bright futures ahead for you both.

From the beginning of this journey, Mary Clare and I sought to honor God with all that we did. My greatest hope is that we have lived up to that commitment and have also honored the community that is House District 108.

All my best,

Court Alley

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  • March 6, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    a class act. His parents raised him well.


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