Meyer Posts Huge Early Lead in District 108

Morgan Meyer captured 48 percent of the 6,171 early votes cast in the Republican primary for Texas House District 108. Chart Westcott got 29 percent, and Court Alley had 22 percent. (I know those three percentages add up to only 99; I’m rounding.) A strong showing on Election Day could give Meyer the election outright; he’d need 50 percent to avoid a runoff against the second-place candidate.

Things are much more neck-and-neck in the other Republican primaries involving Park Cities people. In state Senate District 16, Don Huffines got 50.3 percent to John Carona’s 49.7 percent. And in the attorney general’s race, Dan Branch’s 42.8 percent was right behind Ken Paxton’s 43.2 percent, with Barry Smitherman bringing up the rear at 14 percent.

One thought on “Meyer Posts Huge Early Lead in District 108

  • March 4, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    I should clarify that those numbers for the attorney general’s race reflect voters in Dallas County only, even though that’s a statewide race.


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