Trinity Episcopal Church

ChurchTrinityAt Trinity Episcopal Church our roots run deep and our hearts are open to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. We rest solidly on the three-fold foundation of Scripture, Tradition and Reason. At the same time we rejoice in God’s creation, and share in His love for each other and those around us.

Sunday Morning Communion at 10:30 a.m.,  is the focal point of the life of our congregation. Always at Holy Communion, and often at other times, we offer prayers for healing. We really believe that if you love people you will pray for them, and you will also take care of them in a variety of practical ways. That means that we are also actively involved in ministry to the world around us.

A parish church is a family that prays together, studies Scripture together, and celebrates the transitions of life together. Balance in our family life is so very important and includes opportunities to eat together, talk together, and play together.

At Trinity, there is always room for you, your family, and friends and you are most welcome. We would love to have you join our parish family.

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