Seizure Causes Scare in Jesuit Parking Lot

A Jesuit senior was hospitalized on Thursday after he suffered a seizure while driving his car in a school parking lot.

The student was leaving school about 3:50 p.m. when a couple of witnesses noticed he was sounding the horn on his gray 2009 Lexus SUV for no reason. When the witnesses approached the car, they noticed the driver was having a seizure and alerted a nearby police officer.

The doors were locked and the driver was incapacitated when the vehicle lunged forward, rear-ending another vehicle and heading toward a sidewalk adjacent to the school. It eventually crashed into a brick wall surrounding some landscaping.

The officer broke the passenger-side window and climbed inside to turn the vehicle off, then unlocked the driver’s side door and helped the two witnesses free the driver. He was transported to Medical City Dallas Hospital, and his parents were called to take possession of the vehicle.

The student regained consciousness in the ambulance, and his condition was stabilized. He was later released from the hospital. The incident did not cause any other injuries or damages.

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