Some Private Schools to Hold Classes Monday

Dallas ISD, Greenhill, Highland Park ISD, Jesuit, and Ursuline are going to be closed on Monday. But ESD, Hockaday, and St. Mark’s are expecting their students to be on campus by 10 a.m. — or at least, that’s what their websites said as I typed this.

The 10 a.m. start is also in effect for students at Parish Episcopal’s campus on Midway Road. The Hillcrest Road campus, however, will be closed.

Update at 8:46: Sure enough, St. Mark’s has canceled Monday classes. Look for the others to follow suit.

Update at 9:10: ESD and Hockaday have called off Monday classes. Parish remains the lone holdout … for now.

Update at 9:28: OK, now Parish has said there will be no classes Monday. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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