Our Crystal Charity Coverage Via Social Media

The correspondent and photographer I had dispatched to the Hilton Anatole last night for the Crystal Charity Ball both felt they couldn’t get there safely through all the ice. So I told them to stay home and warm; getting out on the roads wasn’t worth the risk. But there’s more than one way to dress a socialite. Plenty of other people attended, and they did so in a public way.

Channel 8 anchor Ron Corning gave us a taste of the “Magnificent Manhattan” decor:

Not to be outdone, Channel 4 anchor Clarice Tinsley wowed us with a shot of herself:

The auction items included contributions from two ’06 grads of Highland Park High School:

Celebrities weren’t the only people showing off their Crystal Charity outfits:

The evening’s entertainment included the Kilgore Rangerettes:

Not surprisingly, the Rangerettes were very enthusiastic about how things went:

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