Smiths Forgo Traditional Costumes

Weller Smith and Paxton Smith
Weller Smith and Paxton Smith
We put out the call for pictures of your kids’ Halloween costumes, and y’all delivered. We received enough to do a two-page spread in this week’s paper, featuring all ages from infants to high school seniors.

This is the first picture we received, and it needs a little bit of explanation. The Smith brothers weren’t following the well-worn path of dressing up as superheroes, ninjas, or ghosts.

Weller Smith went as former Highland Park lacrosse player Chris Hipps, who won a national title with the Duke Blue Devils. Weller’s dad tells me those are Hipps’ actual helmet and gloves, and that appears to be his autograph on Weller’s right shoulder.

Meanwhile, Paxton Smith dressed up as the late Chris Kyle, the former Navy Seal who is widely believed to be the most prolific sniper in our military’s history.

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