Kelly Mitchell Fine Jewelry Brings Wow Factor

Kelly Mitchell Fine Jewelry is open in The Shops of Highland Park.
Kelly Mitchell Fine Jewelry is open in The Shops of Highland Park.

You know the feeling — you walk into a high-end jewelry store, and the stuffiness nearly consumes you. You have to dodge the judgmental glares of the salesperson deciding whether you’re worth their time or just another window-shopping vagrant.

Forget those preconceived notions and prepare yourself for an entirely new way to shop at Kelly Mitchell Fine Jewelry’s new store at The Shops of Highland Park on Oak Lawn. Kelly has taken her years of experience in the jewelry industry to create what she believes to be the best kind of high-end shopping experience you could ask for.

The new shop was designed to be less like a snobbish store and more like a salon, where each associate caters to the individual and helps them find the perfect pieces that match their unique style. Kelly has foregone the typical jewelry display cases that seem too closed off for her, opting for a much more open floor plan where associates can mingle with the customers on their treasure hunts.

One of my favorite innovations is that Kelly has taken the liberty of breaking all the rules of jewelry organization (you know; watches over here, rings over there) and instead organized the pieces by life events and price point. This makes the search less intimidating and so much simpler. The men will appreciate this, right? No more excuses for perusing aisle after aisle, ladies (even though you’ll want to). The life event sections include: engagement and anniversary, black tie, around the world, art and investment, and everyday wear. The shop also houses a state-of-the-art custom shop for special requests and designs.

The shop is now open at 4256 Oak Lawn Ave. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday is open by appointment only for a more private and customized experience.

Oh, I forgot the best part: There’s an actual bar in the shop. What’s better than shopping and drinks? So grab your partner in crime and get over there for a social shopping experience at Kelly Mitchell Fine Jewelry.