Scots Flavored Flags in HP Village Signal Fall

Scots flavored flags adorne the Highland Park Village.
Scots flavored flags adorne the Highland Park Village.

I ambled up to the Highland Park Village last night during my nightly walk to take a peek into store windows and buy some groceries. I couldn’t help noticing the HP flags hanging in pairs between empty parking spaces.

I’ve no idea when these went up, but seeing them brought back a flood of memories of first days, Scots football games, and other visions of fall.

After a long, hot summer, it’s nice to be reminded that there are cooler nights to come, and that it’s really about time I clean out my drawer full of Scots-themed T-shirts. Now that I have cousins at UP, HPMS, MIS, and HPHS, I’m running out of excuses why not to pass them down.

I hope all your kiddos had a good first day of school and that they’ll have a great year!

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