You Decide: Home Intruder or Just Confused?

Yesterday I was forwarded an email from a concerned UP resident who wanted to let neighbors know about an alleged home intrusion that took place on her block. The tipster said that at around 2 p.m. on Sunday, she noticed several police cars a couple of houses down. Apparently, a well-dressed young black man had walked into the home through the unlocked front gate. The wife was in the shower, and the husband, who was in the pool with the baby, saw him walk by a window. According to the email, the man then walked outside and calmly asked the husband how to get out of the gate/house. Because the husband thought the man might have been a contractor, he was not initially alarmed.

The tipster also said that police said there is a group of home intruders who have been targeting unlocked homes. Supposedly, one man walks into a home and if it is empty, he calls his buddies who are waiting nearby.

When I asked the UPPD to confirm this incident, they said that it had been cleared as a “no report.”

The file they sent said that upon investigation, they were told that the man had been on their front porch, and that while the husband did let him through the front porch gate, no one saw him inside the house.

The report goes on to say that “The husband was not concerned and believes he was just at the wrong house.”

They are also unaware of any group targeting unlocked homes.

I’ll let you decide which account to believe, but in the meantime … lock your doors!

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