Thieves Target Nicholson-Hardie 3 Times in Week

Does the warmer weather mean a spike in garden/plant thefts? That certainly seemed to be the case last week. Thieves stole a total of more than $2,600 worth of shrubs and trees from Nicholson-Hardie Nursery last week, hitting the business on three separate occasions – the night of June 25, 26, and 29. The first two thefts involved milk crates — no word on weather they were already in the alley, or if the thief supplied his own (likely). On June 26, the thief stacked the crates behind the nursery and then climbed over the fence; on June 27, he climbed the crates and then reached a pole over the fence and lifted plants over. Thieves also stole a couple hundred dollars worth of plants from Cristina’s Garden Center overnight on June 29.

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