Shoplifting Spikes at NorthPark Anchor Stores

The Apple store in NorthPark Center has moved to a corner location, specifically the corner on your left as you exit Nordstrom on the first floor. My sainted mother, who is known in our family as the Queen of NorthPark, labeled this a bad decision. She theorized that easier access to an exterior door would make it more tempting for shoplifters to target Apple.

To hear her tell it, creeps are helping themselves to five-finger discounts at Apple all the time. But a search of shows only two thefts were reported there in the first half of this year, after only five in 2012.

By comparison, the Macy’s at NorthPark reported 90 thefts in 2012. And the department store is on pace to surpass that number in 2013, having reported 58 thefts since Jan. 1. Similarly, Dillard’s has reported 54 thefts this year, a statistical increase when compared to its 75 reports last year.

Shoplifters don’t go after the mall’s other two anchors nearly as much — or those stores don’t call the cops nearly as much. Nordstrom reported only 16 thefts in 2012, but it has already reported 17 this year. And Neiman Marcus has reported only 12 thefts in 2013, after reporting 26 last year.

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