Branch Solicits Cash For Attorney General Run

State Rep. Dan Branch, R-University Park, is soliciting donations via Twitter and Facebook for a potential campaign for the attorney general’s office, just in case the position becomes available. (It would if Greg Abbott challenged Gov. Rick Perry for his job.)

The Office of the Attorney General stands up for the Constitution, the 10th Amendment and the right of Texas to control her own destiny. Should AG Greg Abbott run for a higher position, I need you to help me fight back against the Obama-backed effort, Battleground Texas, and keep Washington from undoing everything Texas stands for. I ask for your help in getting our effort off on the right foot. May I please count on you to consider a donation before June 30th. Visit today.

Assuming all of the dominoes fall into place, who would go after Branch’s seat in the Legislature? Vintage Living owner Lisa Luby Ryan was interested the last time we played this “what if” game. Anybody else?

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