Beware Contractor Without Permit; He May Vanish

I like to peruse the agendas for Board of Adjustment meetings, looking for potential drama. (How would you like to see that as an interest on a profile?) That’s how I came across the Case of the Vanishing Contractor.

The owner of a house at the corner of Meadowcrest Drive and Jamestown Road needs a variance to the side-yard setback regulations. This variance would be related to an already-built pavilion, and the homeowner is putting the blame on the aforementioned contractor. From the application:

After he bought the house, the current property owner hired a contractor to construct an open-air pavilion next to the existing pool, which would connect with the house. The owner was unaware that the contractor failed to get a building permit and proceeded to construct the pavilion into the side yard setback along Jamestown Road. The contractor has vanished, and the owner has not been able to contact him.

If you’re bored/curious, the public hearing will begin no earlier than 1 o’clock tomorrow.

5810 Meadowcrest

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