We’re Looking Into Playground Noise Controversy

So our pal Tim Rogers got a tip yesterday that the Child Development Center at Preston Hollow United Methodist Church would be keeping kids off the playground for the time being, because one of the church’s neighbors complained to police about the noise.

Here’s what we know, which is not much:

  • Michelle Saunders talked to Rhonda Nekuza, director of the Child Development Center. She said she couldn’t really comment, because the church/center has had to seek legal counsel, but she hoped it would all be resolved by the end of the week.
  • I looked through the incident reports on dallaspolice.net and found nothing related to noise complaints in that neighborhood this month.
  • I called the best numbers I could find for the two houses that face the playground. I left a message (unreturned) at one, and the call did not go through to the other.
  • Georgia Fisher knocked on the doors of those houses plus one more. When nobody answered, she left notes.

When we have something else to report, we will.

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