District 13 Update: Someone is Trying to Make Sexual Orientation an Issue in This Race

Somebody put fliers highlighting Leland Burk's sexual orientation in the windows of several publications' boxes. (Staff photo: Dan Koller)
Somebody put fliers highlighting Leland Burk’s sexual orientation in the windows of several publications’ boxes in Preston Royal Village. (Staff photo: Dan Koller)

As I was driving to Jennifer Staubach Gates’ party, I stopped at Preston Royal Village to buy a copy of our current edition. (If anyone here was going to call me out on something I wrote, I wanted it in front of us in black and white.) I was dismayed to see that someone had put an edited version of a recent Dallas Voice cover in the window of our rack, as well as the windows of the adjacent Dallas Observer, FD Luxe, and Paper City racks. That recent cover featured Leland Burk’s face between those of two District 2 candidates, above the headline “YEAR OF THE GAY?”. That Voice story included a quote from Jennifer Staubach Gates, “Sexual orientation is not an issue in this race,” which is also on this flier. I have no idea how long these fliers have been in these windows. I’d like to think our circulation department would have removed the one from our box if it had been there yesterday when the May 10 edition was delivered. I removed it.

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