District 13 Update: Friends React to Burk's Loss

Throughout the evening, I mixed and mingled with guests at Leland Burk’s watch party as we awaited election results. Here are some of the more notable quotations from the evening:

“In this city, running against a Staubach is like running against a Bush.”

— Gary Corona, a Burk family friend

“Leland, I am going to kind of push the political correctness to the side. Résumé to résumé, you had her a hundred to one.”

— Bill Coe, an acquaintance Burk made during his campaign

“Leland — I want to say this as a volunteer and a supporter. We appreciate the way that you conducted your campaign with dignity. You did it with class. You were great in the candidate forum. You made us all very proud. So thank you.”

— Volunteer and supporter of Leland Burk, whose name I didn’t catch

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