Ursuline Postpones Hearing on Lighted Field

Ursuline rezoning proposal

Ursuline’s request to build a lighted field for soccer and lacrosse games was on the agenda for the City Council meeting on April 24. But the school’s representatives contacted City Hall on Monday and asked that the hearing be pushed back to May 22.

“Ursuline has spent many months working directly with our surrounding neighbors and including them in the zoning process,” said Bill Dahlstrom, the attorney and Ursuline board member who is handling the case on the school’s behalf. “While we are excited that the Dallas Plan Commission approved our request, we are still receiving questions from some of our neighbors. In an effort to
ensure we have fully included every interested neighbor in this process, we have delayed the case so we can continue to include and educate the community.”

We’ll have more details in this week’s paper. Or you could peruse the background documents that were part of the packet for the council’s April 24 meeting.

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