HPISD/Crime Stoppers Offer $30,000 Reward

Thanks to an anonymous $20,000 donation, the Crime Stoppers reward for information that can crack Highland Park High School’s bomb-threat case has just tripled to $30,000.

Superintendent Dawson Orr and University Park Police Chief Gary Adams also had this to relay in an email from HPISD:

Authorities are continuing the criminal investigation regarding the series of threats at HPHS. The most recent threats have been sent directly to students as text messages.

We want to thank the students and parents who have immediately contacted campus and police authorities to share the text messages, which are being taken very seriously and being investigated with the help of federal authorities. We ask that the texts not be forwarded or posted online, as doing so simply provides an additional venue for the person or people making the threats.

Tips can be phoned in to Crime Stoppers (877-373-8477), emailed to the North Texas Crime Commission, or submitted directly to University Park Police, at pdtips@uptexas.org.

One thought on “HPISD/Crime Stoppers Offer $30,000 Reward

  • March 26, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    I’m amazed the FBI or Police has not been able to deduce anything from the text messages. Are the text messages being sent via cheap throw away phones? Anyhow, hopefully this new reward will help end this crud.


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